If you've been in an accident, the worst is behind you.  Let our expert technicians help you rebuild.  At CCC, we handle everything from the initial damage assessment through insurance negotiations and the full repair process.  No stress or uncertainty—just fast, professional work and a commitment to excellence.



If you can dream it, we can bring it to life—custom interiors, performance upgrades, chassis alterations, lighting, audio and video installations, lifting and lowering, custom paint work, and more.  With over 28 years of experience, we've done it all, and it's what we love.  Custom work is our favorite work.  



At CCC, our expert team has restored many classic and vintage cars, incorporating performance upgrades and aesthetic enhancements to accentuate the vibrant styles of automotive history.  We work with customers across the nation, specializing in full frame-off restorations, painting, and custom modifications.